About us

From January 2014 on, the astrophysics and cosmology staff members created a new institute that will focus on developing new algorithms for simulations directed at high performance massively parallel computers. We are looking forward to being joined by new and affiliated faculty in other disciplines.

As of July 1, 2015, we are located on Floor F of building Y11.


ICS Members

Bottom row: Jaiyul Yoo, Lucio Mayer, Elena Gavagnin, Valentina Tamburello, Aleksandra Sokolowska, Sarah Nickerson, Simon Grimm, Natalie Tkachenko, Raymond Angelil; middle row: Michael Butler, Prasenjit Saha, Michael Rieder, Volker Hoffmann, Davide Fiacconi, Suzanne Wilde, Sebastien Carassou, George Lake, Regina Schmid, Romain Teyssier; top row: Rok Roskar, Jurg Diemand, Jae-Min Lee, Manuel Rabold, Thomas Peters, Christian Reinhardt, Doug Potter, Joachim Stadel, Valentin Perret. (9th of April, 2014)

Location of the Institute for Computational Science

We are located at the Irchel Campus in the building Y11 on floor F.

How to reach us

  • Tips: Public Transport
  • Tips: Taxi
  • Tips: Car

Tips: Public Transport from the airport or the main train station

From the Zurich airport, follow the signs to regional buses and tram station and take the tram number 10 towards Zurich HB to the stop "Irchel (about 22 minutes). All inter-city connections bring you into the Zürich main station ('Hauptbahnhof') of the swiss federal railways ('Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB'). Public transport (tram) is excellent and takes only a few minutes longer than a taxi.

At the Zurich train main station you can take the following trams to the Irchel-campus:

  • from Bahnhofplatz/HB take tram number 10 towards Seebach to the stop "Irchel" (about 13 min)
  • from Bahnhofquai/HB take tram number 14 towards Seebach to the stop "Milchbuck" (about 11 min); from there walk through the Irchel-parc to the Irchel-campus
  • from Bahnhofstrasse/HB take tram number 7 towards Stettbach to the stop "Milchbuck" (about 12 min). From there walk through the Irchel-parc to the Irchel-campus

Purchase a ticket for "Zone 10". A return ticket is valid for 24 hours and costs less than two single rides.

Tips: Taxi from the airport or the main train station

A taxi to Irchel campus from the main station will cost about CHF 25 and from Zurich airport ('Flughafen Kloten') about CHF 35.-. You will be dropped at the taxi pick-up, a dimly lit, uninviting underground parking place. Enter the door and take the elevator to the top floor, H (The floors are denoted by letters).

Tips: Car

From the south or south-east (Motorway A3 from Chur, Sihltal from Gotthard, Luzern)

Follow the motorway N3 until the end. Then following the signs towards Winterthur, St.Gallen and Flughafen Kloten you will cross the Limmat River on the Escher Wyss Bridge and go straight up the hill to the top. There you should see a sign directing you to the right to "Uni Irchel - Parkhaus", the campus underground parking lot, where you can leave your car.

From the west (Motorway A1 from Basel, Bern)

Do not go into Zurich. Instead follow the north branch of the motorway towards Winterthur and St.Gallen. At the "Dreieck Zurich-Ost" take the branch towards "Zurich, Chur, Luzern", leave the motorway at the "Zurich-Schwamendingen" exit and follow the white signs towards "Irchel" until you see a sign pointing towards "Irchel - Parkhaus", where you can park your car. These directions also apply if you come by rental car from Zurich-Kloten airport.

From the north (Motorway A1 from St.Gallen)

At the "Dreieck Zurich-Ost" take the branch towards "Zurich, Chur, Luzern". Leave the motorway at the "Zurich-Schwamendingen" exit and proceed as described above.

Mailing address

University of Zurich
Institute for Computational Science
Winterthurerstrasse 190
8057 Zurich, Switzerland

Tel: +4144 63 54016