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Department of Astrophysics

About Us

The Institute for Computational Science specialises in computational and theoretical aspects of astrophysics, cosmology and space sciences. Our research activities span from remote Earth observation and studies of the solar system planets, to the origin of galaxies and the large-scale structure of the universe. Our methods are primarily computational and involve massive data sets, machine learning, the development of new simulation algorithms together with the use of the world’s largest supercomputers. We use advanced data analysis and simulation techniques to construct and compare theoretical models with the observational data attained from telescopes and space satellites.

A brief history of the Institute

 In 2013 the university decided to merge the Institute for Theoretical Physics with the Institute for Physics. At the same time the university decided to make computational science a priority research area. Since Professors Ben Moore and George Lake, members of the Institute for Theoretical Physics, specialised in high performance computing and computational astrophysics, they agreed to lead a new Institute of Computational Science founded in 2014.