Relativistic Aspects of Large-Scale Structure

Theory and Simulation

3 - 5 May 2021


Modern cosmology is arguably one of the most stunning successes of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, yet many subtle aspects of this formulation of gravity remain subject of active research. In this online workshop, focused on the context of large-scale structure of the Universe, we want to bring together scientists at the frontier of this research.

Drawing inspiration from the hugely successful Cosmology from Home conference, we want to create a space for discussing new ideas and open questions that resembles as closely as possible the experience of an in-person meeting, while at the same time taking advantage of some benefits of the online format.


  • The basic format consists of pre-recorded talks (to be watched asynchronously) and themed live panel discussions. In order to create an immersive environment we will use a virtual office platform (Sococo) where participants can interact dynamically, watch talks together, have chats over coffee etc. The platform is integrated with Zoom for the panel discussions, as well as with Slack for asynchronous discussions.


  • While we cannot do anything about how time zones work we welcome participation from across the globe. The live discussions will take place mostly in the late afternoons of Central Europe, leaving the rest of the days for freestyle interaction.


  • Pre-recorded talks should be 30-40min in length and we encourage creative use of video editing, an option that is unique to this format. Joint submissions are also encouraged!


  • For the social aspect we will also have a virtual apéro at the end of the first day. Participants located in Switzerland will receive a free apéro box arranged by the catering partner of the University of Zurich (postal address needs to be provided; unfortunately we cannot offer this service outside of Switzerland).


Registration is free of charge. In order to allow for a good amount of interaction in the live discussions the capacity is limited to approx. 35 participants, and not every participant can be guaranteed a slot for a talk. Selection, where required, will be based on the submitted abstracts and under consideration of equal opportunity. Deadline for registration is 2. April 2021.


Please register here