4th gevolution users & developers meeting

Date: 13-14 June 2022

Venue: University of Zurich, room KO2-G-275


We are glad to welcome everyone to the 4th gevolution users & developers meeting that will be hosted as an in-person workshop at the ICS, University of Zurich, on 13. and 14. June 2022. The event aims to connect users and developers of the code to discuss their experiences and projects, and to provide feedback on code development.  

Participants are encouraged to give short informal presentations that should convey:

- their science goal and their rationale for using gevolution
- the tasks that need to be accomplished to reach their goal
- any obstacles or limitations that prevent them from making progress
- any (preliminary) results they want to show.

Each presentation could be followed by a short (10min) discussion. Focus is geared towards work in progress rather than already published work.


PDF (PDF, 40 KB)