LISA Astrophysics Working Group Meeting

3rd LISA Astrophysics Working Group Meeting

hosted by the University of Zurich 

June 14-18, 2021

This was the third meeting of the LISA Astrophysics Working Group. As in the past, this meeting aimed at fostering exchange of ideas and building of research collaborations. Additionally, since the previous meeting the activity of our Working Group began to aim at concrete objectives which are aiding substantially the community-building effort. Among these, the development of the White Paper took center stage in the last several months, and other concrete activities are about to begin, such as the creation of smaller working groups devoted to discuss and elaborate on the pre-LISA studies of electromagnetic signatures of potential gravitational sources, and the development of actual collaborative projects across the entire Working Group. The schedule of this meeting was thus structured around these activities.

pre-recorded lectures were made available to all participants. Thanks to all participants who made this event possible.

Talks on YouTube

Pre-LISA EM studies - Massive Black Holes  (google doc)

Pre-LISA EM studies - Stellar Binaries/Multiples (google doc)

Q&A workspace (google doc)



Collaborative Projects Proposals