Ravit Helled


Research Interests

Today, we know that planets are common and diverse astronomical objects.  However, there are still many open questions related to the origin, evolution and interiors of planets.
 the formation, evolution and characterization of planets in the solar-system and beyond. In my research I develop models (simulations) to answer the following questions.

  • Planet FormatioHow do planets form? Are there different mechanisms for terrestrial (Earth-like) and giant (Jupiter-like) planets?
  • Planetary Structure and Evolution: What are planets made of?  How is the material distributed within the planetary interior? Does the internal structure change with time? Do gas giant planets have cores? How can we link planetary composition with planet formation and evolution? 
  • Extrasolar Planets: What are the compositions of exoplanets? How different are the conditions for planet formation around other stars? What is the connection between the planet's composition and its birth environment? Is our Solar System unique? 
  • Space Exploration:  How can space mission teach us about the characteristics of the planets in the solar system and around other stars? What are the required key measurements?

5 Selected Publications 

  1. Helled, R., Mazzola, G. & Redmer, R. (2020). Invited Review. Compressed Hydrogen and Helium and the connection to Giant Planets. Nature Reviews Physics, 2, 562. 
  2. Helled, R., Nettelmann, N. & Guillot, T. (2020). Uranus and Neptune: Origin, Evolution and Internal Structure. Space Science Reviews, 216, 3, article id.38 
  3. Helled, R. & Stevenson, D., (2017). The Fuzziness of Giant Planets’ Cores. ApJL, 840, 4. 
  4. Helled, R et al.  (2014). Giant Planet Formation, Evolution, and Internal Structure. Protostars and Planets VI, University of Arizona Press, eds. H. Beuther, R. Klessen, C. Dullemond, Th. Henning. University of Arizona Space Science Series, 914 , 643. 
  5. Helled, R., Anderson, J. D., Podolak, M., and Schubert, G. (2011). Interior Models of Uranus and Neptune. ApJ, 726, 15. 

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