Theoretical Astrophysics & Computational Science Seminars

This weekly seminar series hosts talks by researchers at any level, from local graduate students to distinguished visiting senior colleagues.

Spring Semester 2022 - Upcoming Talks

Speaker & affiliation Seminar title (+ link to talk abstract & live stream) Date, time & place
Linn Eriksson - Lund Observatory

The saga of planetesimal formation at planetary gap edges 

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Friday, 23.09.2022, 10:45-11:45
Irchel Y36 K08
Leonardo Senatore - ETH

Some recent applications of the Effective Field Theory of Large-Scale Structure to data

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Friday, 30.09.2022, 10:45-11:45
Irchel Y36 K08
Alessia Franchini - University of Milano-Bicocca

Massive black hole binaries evolution in gaseous environments

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Friday, 07.10.2022, 10:45-11:45
Irchel Y36 K08
Marta Spinelli - ETH

21cm Intensity Mapping: opportunities and challenges on the road to the SKA Observatory

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Friday, 14.10.2022, 10:45-11:45
Irchel Y36 K08
Thomas Kacprzak - ETH

Large Scale Structure Cosmology with Artificial Intelligence

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Friday, 21.10.2022, 10:45-11:45
Irchel Y36 K08
Fabian Schmidt - MPA Garching

New approaches to galaxy clustering

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Friday, 28.10.2022, 10:45-11:45
Irchel Y36 K08
Morris Podolak - Tel Aviv University

Modeling planets with a roll of the dice

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Friday, 04.11.2022, 10:45-11:45
Irchel Y36 K08
Daniel D'Orazio - Niels Bohr Institute

How to Find Supermassive Black Hole Binaries and What to Do with Them

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Friday, 11.11.2022, 10:45-11:45
Irchel Y36 K08
Alexandre Barreira - MPA Garching

Galaxy bias and its impact in cosmology

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Friday, 18.11.2022, 10:45-11:45
Irchel Y36 K08
Daniel Schaerer - University of Geneva

Empirical and physical properties of Lyman continuum emitters

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Thursday, 24.11.2022, 10:45-11:45
Irchel Y55 H12
Konstantin Batygin - Caltech

Formation of Rocky Super-Earths From A Narrow Ring of Planetesimals

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Friday, 09.12.2022, 10:45-11:45
Irchel Y36 K08
Mariska Kriek - Leiden Observatory

The Many Phases of Massive Galaxies

Abstract_Kriek (RTF, 47 KB)


Friday, 16.12.2022, 10:45-11:45
Irchel Y36 K08


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