PhD Programme in Computational Science

Graduate School for Computational Science

The PhD programme in Computational Science is a joint initiative of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, which aims to:

  • Foster sustained interactions between PhD students, faculty and staff
  • Promote exchanges between academia, industry and society enabled by computational science

Computational Science (CS) integrates Information Technology and Mathematics to address scientific and societal challenges such as Energy, Health, Climate and Finance.

CS is a unique method of scientific inquiry, complementing theory and experiments, providing us with unprecedented potential for scientific discovery and innovation.

Application and enrollment

The Computational Sciences PhD programme is a 3-4year MSc to PhD program. Participating students can choose from a broad selection of research topics and classes. Enrollment into the program is decided by an admission committee. In order to graduate, students need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Acquisition of 12 credit points of advanced courses
  • Deposition and defense of a Ph.D. thesis describing the student’s original research work,
  • Additional requirements imposed by the host institution (Universität or ETH Zurich) so as to comply fully with their regulations.

The final degree is conferred by either the Universtät or the ETH Zürich, depending on the academic affiliation of the host laboratory.

Official PhD regulations for the Computational Science Programme: PDF EN / PDF DE

Link to the official page of the Graduate School for CS

Admissions to Promotion - Useful links and documents:

Admission to Doctoral Studies at the University of Zurich

Factsheet Admission to a PhD Program at the ICS (PDF, 150 KB)

Checklist for PhD students

Institute for Computational Science "Confirmation of Supervision for Doctoral Students" (PDF, 242 KB)

Institute for Computational Science "Acceptance Confirmation Structured Doctoral Program" (PDF, 136 KB)

Institute for Computational Science "Doctoral Agreement" (PDF, 909 KB)

Annual committee meeting minutes (PDF, 902 KB)

Fact sheet PhD Defence (EN) / Merkblatt (DE)


Program Director
Prof. Dr. Robert Feldmann