Activity log

Publications, research visits, workshops and conferences, invited talks, teaching assistance.


  • HS2013: Analysis 1 for mathematicians and physicists (BSc course)
  • FS2014: Webmaster of ICS official website.
  • HS2014: Theoretical Astrophysics (MSc course page)
  • FS2015: Theoretical Cosmology (MSc course)
  • HS2015: Introduction to Astrobiology (course page)

  • Workshops

  • 03.14: Introduction course to CSCS hybrid Cray XC30, Piz Daint at CSCS in Lugano. (link)
  • 06.16: Computing the Universe: At the Intersection of Computer Science and Cosmology, CMO BIRS, Oaxaca, Mexico (video of my talk)
  • 09.16: Milky Way and its environment, Paris, France (link)
  • Invited talks

  • 27.05.16: KIPAC Tea Talk at Stanford (abstract)
  • 03.06.16: Cosmo Pizza Talk at University of British Columbia, "Gaseous Galactic Halos in Simulations of Milky Way-sized Systems"
  • Conferences

  • 07/14: EWASS14 (poster)
  • 07/14: Good Sense and Dominant Ideology in Galaxy and Planet Formation and Evolution
  • 06/15: EWASS15 - European Weak of Astronomy and Space Sciences (talk)
  • 02/16: Swiss Cosmology Days 2016 (talk)
  • 04/16: STScI Symposium "What shapes galaxies" (poster)
  • 09/16: Crossing the Rubicon: the fate of gas flows in galaxies (talk)
  • Research visits

  • 2-20.05.16: Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Santa Barbara, California. KITP "Cold Universe"
  • 25.07-14.08.16: Research visit at Space Telescope Science Institute, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland