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Selected Refereed Publications

From EMBER to FIRE: predicting high resolution baryon fields from dark matter simulations with Deep Learning
Bernardini, Mauro; Feldmann, Robert; Angles-Alcazar, Daniel; Boylan-Kolchin, Mike; Bullock, James; Stadel, Joachim 2021, MNRAS

The link between star formation and gas in nearby galaxies
Feldmann, Robert 2020, Communications Physics, 3, 226

LEO-Py: Estimating likelihoods for correlated, censored, and uncertain data with given marginal distributions
Feldmann, Robert 2019, Astronomy and Computing, 29, 100331

The Galaxy-Halo Connection in Low-mass Halos
Feldmann, Robert, Faucher-Giguère, Claude-André, and Kereš, Dušan 2019, APJ, 871, L21

Colours, star formation rates and environments of star-forming and quiescent galaxies at the cosmic noon
Feldmann, Robert, Quataert, Eliot, Hopkins, Philip F., Faucher-Giguère, Claude-André, and Kereš, Dušan 2017, MNRAS, 470, 1050

Are star formation rates of galaxies bimodal?
Feldmann, Robert 2017, MNRAS 470, L59

The formation of massive, quiescent galaxies at cosmic noon
Feldmann, Robert; Hopkins, Philip F.; Quataert, Eliot; Faucher-Giguère, Claude-André; Kereš, Dušan 2016, MNRAS 458, L14

The formation of submillimetre-bright galaxies from gas infall over a billion years
Narayanan, Desika; Turk, Matthew; Feldmann, Robert; Robitaille, Thomas; Hopkins, Philip; Thompson, Robert; Hayward, Christopher; Ball, David; Faucher-Giguère, Claude-André; Kereš, Dušan 2015, Nature 525, 496, News & Views

The equilibrium view on dust and metals in galaxies: Galactic outflows drive low dust-to-metal ratios in dwarf galaxies
R. Feldmann 2015, MNRAS 449, 3274

The Argo Simulation: I. Quenching of Massive Galaxies at High Redshift as a Result of Cosmological Starvation
R. Feldmann, L. Mayer 2015 MNRAS 446, 1939

Detecting Dark Matter Substructures around the Milky Way with Gaia
R. Feldmann, D. Spolyar 2014, MNRAS 446, 1000

Circum-Galactic Gas and the Isotropic Gamma Ray Background
R. Feldmann, D. Hooper, N. Y. Gnedin 2013, APJ 763, 21

The X-factor in Galaxies: II. The molecular hydrogen -- star formation relation
R. Feldmann, N. Y. Gnedin, A. V. Kravtsov 2012, APJ 758, 127

The X-factor in Galaxies: I. Dependence on Environment and Scale
R. Feldmann, N. Y. Gnedin, A. V. Kravtsov 2012, APJ 747, 124

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