A question often asked of me is, “When did you become a writer?” I have no answer. For as long as I could read, I cannot remember a time when I was not a writer. On the scale of necessities it lies below breathing and somewhat above eating. I am naturally drawn to the fantastic and the improbable. Within fantasy I explore what could have been, within science fiction I wonder at what might be, and I blend both to reflect on that which is.

Short Fiction

The Queen in the Poplar Forest, April 2015 Tesseracts 18

Bone Deep, September 2014 Interzone

Only the Loons Know, Winter 2014 Pulp Literature

Blessings by the Shade, Winter 2013 The Colored Lens

The Crocus and the Clocktower, Fall 2011 Kaleidotrope

The Planet Hunters, April 2010 Analog: Science Fiction and Fact


Interviewed by Zürich's literary magazine The Woolf December 2012

"Pandora's Institution" and "Reaction to Quantum Mechanics" (poetry) Issue 13 The Prairie Journal of Canadian Literature