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Student Projects

Here is a list of current and past student Bachelor and Masters projects.

New Project Ideas

  1. Covariance of the cosmological power spectrum. Run simulations and compare power spectra to approximate methods in order to assess the accuracy of covariance estimation based on using these approximate methods as opposed to full N-body simulations.
  2. VR visualization of cosmological light cones, based on halos and/or mock galaxies. Organize existing data and compile VR codes for the HTC VIVE headset so that an immersive experience results. Work with the group at the Geneva observatory doing this.

Past Projects

  1. Nicolas Kaufmann: (Masters ETH 2019) “Merger Trees from Halo Catalogs”
  2. Thomas Meier: (Project 2019) “Effect of Equation of State on Planetary Collisions”
  3. Jonas Rüegsegger: (Masters 2016) “Symplectic Multistepping Integration for Planetary Collisions”
  4. Christian Reinhardt: (Masters)
  5. Simon Grimm: (Masters)
  6. Tiziano Müller: (Bachelor)
  7. Marion Baumgartner: (Bachelor 2011) “Galactic Disks Modifying Dark Matter Halo Structure”
  8. Daniel Studer: (Bachelor 2015)
  9. Remo Furrer: (Bachelor 2017) “GPU Accelerated Photodynamic Modelling of Transiting Exoplanets”
  10. Matthäus Heer: (Bachelor)
  11. Jan Engelmann: (Bachelor 2018) “Halo Finder Comparison”
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