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 +====== Euclid Star Prize:Team Award ======
 +**June 2018**
 +{{:​news:​flagship_team.jpg?​800|Flagship Team}}
 +Flagship mock galaxy catalog team: Linda Blot, Jorge Carretero, Francisco Castander, Pablo Fosalba, Mischa Knabenhans, Doug Potter, Lucia Pozzetti, Santiago Serrano, Joachim Stadel, Pau Tallada, Romain Teyssier
 +In a massive coordinated effort, a team of scientists of the Euclid project have worked together over the last year to develop the largest simulated galaxy catalogue ever produced, the so-called “Euclid Flagship” mock galaxy catalogue.
 +[[https://​​page_id=4779#​Team|Read more >>]]
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