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 **TAs**: Onur Catmabacak and Tine Colman **TAs**: Onur Catmabacak and Tine Colman
 +====== Lectures ======
 +16. Sept. 2019: {{ :​spin:​sins1-01.pdf |Floating Point and Round-off Error}}
 +====== Assignments ======
 +Should be handed in every Sunday night by 21:00 following the Monday lecture.
 +Assignments should be **individual** and should be in python and **provide a 
 +correct virtual environment!**
 +For help getting started with virtual environments,​ please read carefully:
 +[[https://​​all-you-need-to-know-about-python-virtual-environments-9b4aae690f97|Python Virtual Environments]]
 +You should email 3 things to Onur (​
 +  - The working python source code
 +  - The requirements.txt file for your virtual environment
 +  - A .pdf or .png image or animation of the output of your program
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