Romain Teyssier

University of Zürich

I am a Professor of Computational Astrophysics at the University of Zürich, where I teach physics, astrophysics and computational science. I am an expert in cosmology, galaxy formation and star formation. I am the main author of the RAMSES code, a massively parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement code for self-gravitating, magnetized, radiative flows. My main research activity is to perform simulations of cosmic structure using supercomputers, in order to understand the origin of astrophysical objects such as stars (like our Sun) and galaxies (like our Milky Way). I am also modelling the evolution of the entire Universe in the context of the Euclid mission.

You can contact me at my professional address romain.teyssier@uzh.ch.

My office is located at the Irchel campus, building 11, floor F, room 82.