Available positions

One new postdoctoral position in numerical astrophysical fluid dynamics

I am looking for a postdoc with programming skills and an expert knowledge of astrophysical fluid dynamics. The project will be to develop as a team effort the prototype of the next generation RAMSES code, with an emphasis on very high order methods and task-based parallelism. The ability to program in CUDA will be considered as a plus. The prototype will be benchmarked using scientific cases such as cosmological galaxy formation, supersonic turbulence in the ISM and/or dust instabilities in planet formation. Please apply before   December 31st, 2018 using this link https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/12562.

One new PhD position in theoretical galaxy formation

I am looking for a PhD candidate with a strong interest in the theory of galaxy formation and with good skills in programming, both in python and C/C++/Fortran. The goal of the project is to develop subgrid models for CO and H2 chemistry for galaxy formation models, by exploiting small scale radiation hydrodynamics simulations of the interstellar medium. The ultimate goal will be to bridge the scales between galaxies and stars. The student will learn how to run complex, multiphysics simulations with the RAMSES code, and analyse them in light of various present (ALMA, HST) and future (SKA, JWST) observations. Please apply before January 19th, 2019 using this link https://academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/12845.  

You can contact me anytime for other bachelor, master and PhD projects.

Possible projects are:

     - algorithmic developments: adaptive meshes, very high order schemes, implicit solvers

     - high performance computing: parallel computing with MPI or OpenMP, domain decomposition, code performance analysis and optimization

     - new physical models: multi-fluid approach for planet collisions, full radiative transfer solver, automatic clump detection

     - theoretical astrophysics and cosmology: large scale structure, galaxy formation, star formation, planet formation...