Computer hardware: in my group, we have access to the University of Zurich science IT infrastructure (see https://www.s3it.uzh.ch/)

We are also using intensively the National Swiss Supercomputing centre CSCS at Lugano.

Scientific software: My research is a lot about developing or using codes. Programming languages that we use in my group are C, C++, Fortran, Python, Cuda...  

I am using the following codes:  

ramses: this is the main code I am using for my research. It is an Adaptive Mesh Refinement hydro code for self-gravitating astrophysical flows.

music: this is a cosmological initial conditions generator, written by Oliver Hahn. It can be used to generate large periodic boxes, but also complex zoom-in simulations.

pkdgrav3: this is a tree code written by Joachim Stadel and Doug Potter, with a fast multipole gravity solver that can run up to 2 Trillion particles on the Swiss supercomputer Piz Daint and 8 Trillion particles on the American supercomputer Titan.